Frequently Asked Questions

RV Repair

Yes, mobile RV repair services are exclusively what we provide.

Mobile Call fee is $200 which includes 30 min Diagnosis. Depends on How large the Project is our Labor rate is $155 per hour.

Yes, all Members Get Special parts pricing from our website.

We repair 90% of the RVs we work on the same day. Unless parts need to be ordered, then there is a wait for parts after that, the installation will be scheduled and the repair was done that day.

We Repair all make and Models except Popup campers.

Yes After hours calls are $450 with 1 hr repair time included.

No other fees.

Yes 100% customer satisfaction.

Twice a year.

Black water Valve problem, AC not blowing cold, Furnace wont light, Jack wont work, Slideroom Stuck.

Stay off rough dirt roads as much as possible.

Leave the Black valve closed at parks till it is at least 1/2 full, then dump it.

Join RV Service Club for discounts on parts service and campsite.

RV Installation

Yes, we do provide mobile RV installation services.

Our Labor rate is $155 per hour, depending on how large the project is.

We try to complete all Installations on the same day with parts being available.

We only use name-brand parts and products customers are welcome to source their own parts as well.

Warranty or Guarantee is equal to what is offered by parts Manufacture.

At least Once a year Recommended four times a year.